Take me to the time


Take me to the time 
When I could write my thoughts 
The time when I spent time outside underneath the blue-grey skies
My thoughts have died 
& I have no words to describe 
I think it’s gone 
I’ve lost  the gift with which I was born 
Please take me back when I could write my thoughts

Superficial life, I had heard people say
But to this extent 
Is hard to bear
Lost in the race each day 
The tunnel seems longer than my fears 
No more admiring the cherry blossoms 
No climbing the trees just to sing your favourite songs
Changes are for good they say
Don’t see any good in attitude so stray 
Pls take me back to the time I could write my thoughts .


4 thoughts on “Take me to the time

  1. Words expressed so soft and tender
    Whats more in store I wonder..
    Take me back into time you say…
    When life was treated in a simple way……
    Think… we all long for same old life ..
    Care free…innocent.. Free of strife…

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