I long to hug you !!

How hard it is to let go of things how hard it is to erase the memories . My little bunny my sweetheart my luv my baby just snatched away from me so suddenly, that I don’t even know what to think or do anymore. Life’s truth would show up so suddenly early in the morning I had never imagined. She was as always super excited when the dog walker rang the bell. She would bark loud and tell me he is here get the harness on and who would have even imagined that, that day was the last day she wore the harness.my Bae met with an accident. I could feel my world falling apart, ripped open. I lost her . I tried my best trying to convince the vet that I can hear her heartbeat but no it was just my desire to see her alive….. She was such a nice soul never expected anything just gave and spread love that smile on her face and her beautiful eyes … I miss it so much. Long to hug her but understanding the powers of nature is Beyond ones control. What is born has to wither . It’s like a part of me is gone forever and I feel so hollow inside . My heart feels empty. I don’t know what happens after death but I do wish her happiness I hope she finds the path and I hope she spreads joy like she always did. And with all these thoughts in my head I see a white dove outside my window soaring high!!!! 

Reminding me that life goes on …….


2 thoughts on “I long to hug you !!

  1. Hey sis…….your words seem to flow right through your heart…it’s true.. to lose a loved one is tragic..cannot be undone…leaves a void….nonetheless..life goes on.. .they say time heals… It seals the tiny wounds..perhaps for good…and sometimes u don’t even notice it.
    But hey!!the best part is our memories!!
    Coz we get to keep ’em forever…
    Life’s short… So Live today…Cherish your past… N Embrace your future….
    Like you said………………………life goes on…

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