The art of self healing 


From a very young age of maybe 13 or 14 I have suffered from a skin disorder called vitiligo.( loss of pigmentation or basically white patches in simple terms). It started as a small white spot on my back around a mole , as a kid I thought it was pretty  cool ,a black spot with a white background. As time passed by it started spreading and new spots appeared in different parts of my body every now and then. Like every parent my parents were really worried and being a girl they thought it must be rectified as soon as possible . After finishing my tenth grade I moved to Delhi to study further. Got admission in a Christian school with hostel facilities. That was my dream to go to a hostel but only thing was that I wanted to go to a hill station and not a city. But there I was in Delhi the capital of all the happenings. So the white patches kept going strong and one day my parents took me to a dermatologist in Delhi . He checked me thoroughly and by thoroughly I mean every inch. I felt embarrassed  I felt uncomfortable but I thought maybe it would help. The allopathy medicines started which made me pukish at the smell of everything but the fear of being teased by others made me have it. I couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped. Then the journey to the homeopathy world started patches would improve but reappear. I lost hope. By then both my eyelids were white. And people would give strange looks and show fake concerns. So many a times I have had people come to me and tell me strange remedies for it( and these people where total strangers). But of course I didn’t listen to them. I covered the patches on my face each day with a concealer in hope of being perfect . And then one day I decided no more hiding no more doing anything. Nothing was working anyways so let’s just not do anything and let’s just let it be !!! 
I believed I was healed that day. When I looked into the mirror I didn’t see the patches on my face I saw me! What appears externally maybe important but what lies beneath is the treasure.
And the self healing began , the patches on my face are no more there, I don’t take any medicines nor do I take special care of my skin for the disorder.I’m just being me, accepting what I have And believing life is more than  just unwanted patches. 
So to all the people who feel they are not perfect in appearance , I would like to remind you that the person in the mirror you see each day loves you and the least you can do is love it back!!

10 thoughts on “The art of self healing 

  1. Tenzin

    Brought tears to my eyes and proud that I’m you brother.. You always inspire me and I know you will continue to do so for rest of my life.. I can’t thank god and my parents enough for bringing you to my life.. Love you lots keep rocking you’re the best..

  2. sapna

    Hey lil sis…..very thoughtful…soulful…n agree with you…nothings stronger than the mind of a human.. If you believe in you…nothing else matters….and the fact that we live in a society with social obligations…a free mind is what one needs to have..coz people will never change their one is sensitive enough..change lies in us..within…proud of you….

  3. silky

    Hey di….u simply rock…..n evn v proud of u…..brought tears in ma eyes too di….den later on thought dat u r v strong, want to be lyk u di…… amazingggggg….stay blessed wid love, success n happiness.

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