Life… as we know it…


So what do u do when all alone stuck in the wrong place, a place you wish you could escape and get away from. We make so many choices in life and not all choices are quite right for you. Choices that look and sound so perfect fade away with time and lose the meaning you wanted out of it, then what do you do? I really don’t know. I’m not a spiritual leader nor am I a very learned person who can guide people to make the right choices ,I am a common man lost in the confusions and challenges of my own thoughts. Trapped in the so called world of worldly desires. Sometimes you feel you have so much energy in you that you can quite possibly conquer the world and then there are times you feel like crawling into the bed and sleeping over your problems is the only solution you have. What I feel is God made things very simple. He created man and to give him company he created woman and He said go live your life, and what did we do….we messed up the whole purpose, we entangled ourselves into so many things that now there is no way out. Time keeps ticking and we keep running around in hope of making our future nice and bright…basically liveable… In doing so we ruin our today for the uncertainty of tomorrow and what do we gain…..more uncertainty, less time. So this moment I would like to take to remind everyone of their valuable time on this planet, of all the beautiful time you can have and share with your loved ones. Complexity maybe the life of today but each day just remember to live a simple life of free spirit of happiness and of pure joy of being alive…..


4 thoughts on “Life… as we know it…

  1. sapna

    Hmm.. That was deep.. Well written Lil sis….it’s true… life is what we bring out of it! In Albert Einstein’s words… “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle..”

  2. shwetajoshi

    A great piece covered in simplicity. You may not be a spiritual leader today, but your observations run deep into conscience and touch that little place in heart which we tend to hide from the world. Glad that I had the time to catch up on my favorite blogs today. You guys make me smile 🙂

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