When 100 degrees Celsius

It‘s purple (a tinge of royalty to it) it’s got smooth finish ,round perfectly carved . Mans creation to hide his insecurities about his capabilities . It’s not a major part of our lives nor is it a necessity. Let me unfold a creation of mankind that goes unnoticed each day …. It’s just a simple little whistling kettle.


I bought one a few days back from a super market , I wanted it for so long . Why would I want a kettle that whistles??? Hahaha just for a simple reason cause it intrigued me how man can put in so much of a thought to a simple thing like a kettle , how someone must have had this common habit of forgetting the kettle on the stove, till one day he created a kettle that would whistle and call you towards it …. Interesting isn’t it….now when I look at my purple little whistling kettle I realize how not so very perfect I am I being the living being is dependent on a non living being to some extent. I maybe imperfect to a certain point , but mates do remember it’s me who puts the stove off when the whistle blows…..



13 thoughts on “When 100 degrees Celsius

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  2. shwetajoshi

    Hello, I’m whistling to you now my wonderful fellow blogger! Do I have your attention now? Keep up the good wok, buddy 🙂

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