Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts


The best memories of my childhood include that of the lunch break at school. More than what mom would pack for me in my lunchbox i was interested in my friends steaming hot food from home , as she lived in the school premises….lucky her..

Everyday as the bell would ring for lunch break we would run to our favorite place….the bench outside her house under the tree….and then the waite for that awesome food would begin..Think of it now , we were so naive and  nothing in this  world mattered to us. Just a simple lunch with a friend could brighten up the day……be it cloudy or be it in the summer months of May…


9 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

  1. sapna

    that’s true…… Childhood is like a special memory embedded in your heart..and every time you are reminiscing about those days..it just rejuvenates you….
    p.s. We’ll written…

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