When 100 degrees Celsius

It‘s purple (a tinge of royalty to it) it’s got smooth finish ,round perfectly carved . Mans creation to hide his insecurities about his capabilities . It’s not a major part of our lives nor is it a necessity. Let me unfold a creation of mankind that goes unnoticed each day …. It’s just a simple little whistling kettle.


I bought one a few days back from a super market , I wanted it for so long . Why would I want a kettle that whistles??? Hahaha just for a simple reason cause it intrigued me how man can put in so much of a thought to a simple thing like a kettle , how someone must have had this common habit of forgetting the kettle on the stove, till one day he created a kettle that would whistle and call you towards it …. Interesting isn’t it….now when I look at my purple little whistling kettle I realize how not so very perfect I am I being the living being is dependent on a non living being to some extent. I maybe imperfect to a certain point , but mates do remember it’s me who puts the stove off when the whistle blows…..



Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts


The best memories of my childhood include that of the lunch break at school. More than what mom would pack for me in my lunchbox i was interested in my friends steaming hot food from home , as she lived in the school premises….lucky her..

Everyday as the bell would ring for lunch break we would run to our favorite place….the bench outside her house under the tree….and then the waite for that awesome food would begin..Think of it now , we were so naive and  nothing in this  world mattered to us. Just a simple lunch with a friend could brighten up the day……be it cloudy or be it in the summer months of May…

mixed feelings


Don the mask of an unidentified man

Pinch yourself and taste the reality

Lost in the crowd each day

To be found by my soul.

Walk till you can reach

And reach & find out just another mile to go

Laugh out loud hoping to feel it too

Cry and unwillingly feel the  pain

Sleepless nights with clouds of doubts

Hope, a mediator of life

Path to rise up and shine……….

My first blog

Sitting around in the da corner seat of a movie theatre watching something that looked so familiar that it almost got me thinking has this been told before or wait a minute ……….it’s the story of my life .hahahahah funny it sounds but sometimes you think that strange things  only happen to you ,but that’s not true. Dancing to the beat of your favorite song and washing away all your misfortunes sounds like a good idea but it’s winters in mumbai and no signs of rain. Heer Ranjha , Soni Mahiwal, Mirza Sahiba……..great lovers but have u ever wondered what their surnames are……I guess not…..coz it doesn’t matter they are remembered as two ppl so deeply in love that death also couldn’t separate them….amazing it sounds in today’s world of fast food, parties and not so long lasting luv stories. What amazes me is that still in this age of great evolution there r great lovers born…unnoticed and made to shut their mouth and sit . The age old drama of culture , caste and religion still exists in the whining  faces of ppl in all the corners of our country. Suitable alliance should be from the same country, then same state ,same religion n preferably from the neighbouring village,,,,,,,what the hell are v still thinking bout. One part of our country is dancing to Bollywood numbers and the other is stuck to the past full of restrictions. Only if parents believe in their children and believe that no one in this whole wild world would like something bad to happen to them. ….I think things could change …..and I believe the change is just around the block ………and I’m waiting……….