Ocean of bliss 

 Pallets of dust and the warmth of the faint sun

Perched upon the cherry tree

An angel singing some melody

Light breeze of comfort

Making the clouds dance to the beat

A touch of crimson red

And the sweetness of the perfect dream

Somewhere in some corner

The world is still

So still that you can hear yourself breath

If only I could find that calmness in this chaotic maze of life

I would go back and sing my favourite lines.

I long to hug you !!

How hard it is to let go of things how hard it is to erase the memories . My little bunny my sweetheart my luv my baby just snatched away from me so suddenly, that I don’t even know what to think or do anymore. Life’s truth would show up so suddenly early in the morning I had never imagined. She was as always super excited when the dog walker rang the bell. She would bark loud and tell me he is here get the harness on and who would have even imagined that, that day was the last day she wore the harness.my Bae met with an accident. I could feel my world falling apart, ripped open. I lost her . I tried my best trying to convince the vet that I can hear her heartbeat but no it was just my desire to see her alive….. She was such a nice soul never expected anything just gave and spread love that smile on her face and her beautiful eyes … I miss it so much. Long to hug her but understanding the powers of nature is Beyond ones control. What is born has to wither . It’s like a part of me is gone forever and I feel so hollow inside . My heart feels empty. I don’t know what happens after death but I do wish her happiness I hope she finds the path and I hope she spreads joy like she always did. And with all these thoughts in my head I see a white dove outside my window soaring high!!!! 

Reminding me that life goes on …….

The art of self healing 


From a very young age of maybe 13 or 14 I have suffered from a skin disorder called vitiligo.( loss of pigmentation or basically white patches in simple terms). It started as a small white spot on my back around a mole , as a kid I thought it was pretty  cool ,a black spot with a white background. As time passed by it started spreading and new spots appeared in different parts of my body every now and then. Like every parent my parents were really worried and being a girl they thought it must be rectified as soon as possible . After finishing my tenth grade I moved to Delhi to study further. Got admission in a Christian school with hostel facilities. That was my dream to go to a hostel but only thing was that I wanted to go to a hill station and not a city. But there I was in Delhi the capital of all the happenings. So the white patches kept going strong and one day my parents took me to a dermatologist in Delhi . He checked me thoroughly and by thoroughly I mean every inch. I felt embarrassed  I felt uncomfortable but I thought maybe it would help. The allopathy medicines started which made me pukish at the smell of everything but the fear of being teased by others made me have it. I couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped. Then the journey to the homeopathy world started patches would improve but reappear. I lost hope. By then both my eyelids were white. And people would give strange looks and show fake concerns. So many a times I have had people come to me and tell me strange remedies for it( and these people where total strangers). But of course I didn’t listen to them. I covered the patches on my face each day with a concealer in hope of being perfect . And then one day I decided no more hiding no more doing anything. Nothing was working anyways so let’s just not do anything and let’s just let it be !!! 
I believed I was healed that day. When I looked into the mirror I didn’t see the patches on my face I saw me! What appears externally maybe important but what lies beneath is the treasure.
And the self healing began , the patches on my face are no more there, I don’t take any medicines nor do I take special care of my skin for the disorder.I’m just being me, accepting what I have And believing life is more than  just unwanted patches. 
So to all the people who feel they are not perfect in appearance , I would like to remind you that the person in the mirror you see each day loves you and the least you can do is love it back!!

The dark rains


Walking down the lane of an unfamiliar path
Thinking of reaching a place of interest
Dusk setting in and the dark sky with obscured clouds
Letting down its heavy weight
It poured like heavens have a task at hand
To clear all the dirt in the world
I opened my umbrella just in time
Big blue shade of comfort
Night sets in and the path not so familiar looks like a never ending journey
Wet feet not sure about the next step
Following my heart in the dark rains
And there I see a dim light of hope
Perfect timing the street light is switched on.

Life… as we know it…


So what do u do when all alone stuck in the wrong place, a place you wish you could escape and get away from. We make so many choices in life and not all choices are quite right for you. Choices that look and sound so perfect fade away with time and lose the meaning you wanted out of it, then what do you do? I really don’t know. I’m not a spiritual leader nor am I a very learned person who can guide people to make the right choices ,I am a common man lost in the confusions and challenges of my own thoughts. Trapped in the so called world of worldly desires. Sometimes you feel you have so much energy in you that you can quite possibly conquer the world and then there are times you feel like crawling into the bed and sleeping over your problems is the only solution you have. What I feel is God made things very simple. He created man and to give him company he created woman and He said go live your life, and what did we do….we messed up the whole purpose, we entangled ourselves into so many things that now there is no way out. Time keeps ticking and we keep running around in hope of making our future nice and bright…basically liveable… In doing so we ruin our today for the uncertainty of tomorrow and what do we gain…..more uncertainty, less time. So this moment I would like to take to remind everyone of their valuable time on this planet, of all the beautiful time you can have and share with your loved ones. Complexity maybe the life of today but each day just remember to live a simple life of free spirit of happiness and of pure joy of being alive…..

When 100 degrees Celsius

It‘s purple (a tinge of royalty to it) it’s got smooth finish ,round perfectly carved . Mans creation to hide his insecurities about his capabilities . It’s not a major part of our lives nor is it a necessity. Let me unfold a creation of mankind that goes unnoticed each day …. It’s just a simple little whistling kettle.


I bought one a few days back from a super market , I wanted it for so long . Why would I want a kettle that whistles??? Hahaha just for a simple reason cause it intrigued me how man can put in so much of a thought to a simple thing like a kettle , how someone must have had this common habit of forgetting the kettle on the stove, till one day he created a kettle that would whistle and call you towards it …. Interesting isn’t it….now when I look at my purple little whistling kettle I realize how not so very perfect I am I being the living being is dependent on a non living being to some extent. I maybe imperfect to a certain point , but mates do remember it’s me who puts the stove off when the whistle blows…..


Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts


The best memories of my childhood include that of the lunch break at school. More than what mom would pack for me in my lunchbox i was interested in my friends steaming hot food from home , as she lived in the school premises….lucky her..

Everyday as the bell would ring for lunch break we would run to our favorite place….the bench outside her house under the tree….and then the waite for that awesome food would begin..Think of it now , we were so naive and  nothing in this  world mattered to us. Just a simple lunch with a friend could brighten up the day……be it cloudy or be it in the summer months of May…

mixed feelings


Don the mask of an unidentified man

Pinch yourself and taste the reality

Lost in the crowd each day

To be found by my soul.

Walk till you can reach

And reach & find out just another mile to go

Laugh out loud hoping to feel it too

Cry and unwillingly feel the  pain

Sleepless nights with clouds of doubts

Hope, a mediator of life

Path to rise up and shine……….